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 China classic tour 

    in this part, you will find all the famous and popular destinations around china, like the golden route which has been taken by us president bill clinton when he visited china in 1998, and the yangtze river cruise, and more.


China Travel guide for China adventure tour.

 China adventure tour 

    if you like to go some remote areas in china, to take some exciting adventure trips, like mountaineering, hiking, trekking, cycling, rafting, 4wd driving, etc, then this part is what you are looking for.


tour travel tibet

 China minority tour 

    there are 55 minorities living in china, most of them live in the backward west part, where they have kept their unique cultures and customs for several thousand years, and they celebrate their own festivals which are really colorful and fascinating.


china tour

China photography tour 

    china is a great country with a lot of diversities, from the towering mt. everest in tibet to the tropical rain forest in southern yunnan, from the vast desert in northwest to the long sea shore in the southeast, there are countless scenic spots and world heritages to satisfy both your eyes and your cameras.


culture of china

China culture tour 

    china has 5000 years history with rich cultures, distinctive religions, and delicious chinese food. there is an old saying in china, that is: walking ten thousand miles is better than reading ten thousand books. so the best way to know china is coming here and get your own experience.


tibet tour

 tibet tour 

    tibet is called the roof of the world, it is also regarded as the last pure land on the earth. in recent years, with the tibet government opened more and more areas to foreigners, it has become a popular destination for many travelers.


china ecology

China ecology tour 

    if you want to take some ecology tours, like viewing giant panda, flowers, birds, butterflies, picking chinese herb medicines, or survey plants and animals in china's nature reserves, etc, we can make programs meet your special needs.


china golf tour

 China golf tour 

    with the living standard upgraded, more and more golf course appeared in china, most of them were invested by foreign companies, and meet the international standard. because playing golf is very cheap in china compare to in many southeast asia countries, so it attracts more and more foreigners come to enjoy it.


china tour travel

 China world heritage tour 

    if you could only go to visit one place of china, one of the world natural & cultural heritages in china might well be it. china exploration travel service has offered china world heritage tour---the best of china tours, with the aim of displaying the country rich legacies and enhancing the public awareness of the need to protect them.


china tour

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 tours for the disabled 

    disability - whether short term or permanent - does not stop people wanting to travel for pleasure, or needing to travel for business. arranging travel for someone who has impaired vision or hearing, or who may be a wheelchair user, does not have to be an impossible problem. careful and sometimes painstaking planning is needed, but if we communicate well over the details, there is no reason why you should not be a happy traveler.

the top 10 trekking tours
.explore single dragon river canyon

8 days great wall hiking tour

trekking tour in tiger leaping gorge

yunnan shangri-la trekking tour

tibet 4wd and trekking tour
around the 3 holy peaks in daocheng

trekking around the holy mt. meili

trekking through the taklimakan

horseback trek to kanas

trekking the three great rivers area

China travel map guide

travel map guide
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1. what is personalized travel?
   personalized travel is travel as whatever you want, go to see what you really want to see, to eat what you really want to eat, to stay in where you really want to stay, and to experience what you really want to experience. after all, you are the boss.
2. the benifit of personalized travel:
   a. enjoy the personalized service which will meet your desire.
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$pecially priced tours
jan. 9. 2005 10 days china golden route (chn-cla-11-10)
includes: beijing, xi'an, guilin & shanghai price: usd 1490$/person
feb. 18. 2005 27 days travel around china
includes: beijing, urumqi, kashgar, turpan, dunhuang, xi'an, kunming, dali, lijiang, chongqing, yangtze river cruise, suzhou & shanghai
price: usd 3943$/person
mar. 12. 2005 18 days china classic tour
includes: beijing, xi'an, dazu, chongqing, yangzi cruise & shanghai
price: usd 2922$/person
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